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Purple Passion Plea Update

June 2013:


I am making a PURPLE PASSION PLEA for donations, for a cause that I am very passionate about. Purple is the official color of leiomyosarcoma awareness and my Mom had been sockin' it to leiomyosarcoma for nearly a decade, but she grew tired of the fight and she wanted a cure so badly, darn it! In order to gain your enthusiastic support and have a little fun, I will streak my golden locks with purple dye when we have raised our kickoff goal of $7,245.00 for Dana-Farber’s Sarcoma Research Team. My Mom's birthday is 7.2.45, hence the goal of $7,245.00. Pretty ingenious of me, huh? I am hopeful that the smarty pants at Dana-Farber can eradicate this rare cancer with continued financial support. No donation is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated!​


In just 6 weeks we have raised over $3000.00. All of those heartfelt donations are adding up to a pretty big contribution to Dana-Farber's Sarcoma Research Team. Thank you to all of you who are raising awareness and who support our cause. We are on our way to reaching our kickoff goal and to finding a cure. I can feel it!

The exact cause of leiomyosarcoma is unknown, as is a cure. As a matter of fact, much of this disease is still a mystery. Sarcoma oncologists struggle to find successful long-term treatments. The clinical trials at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusettes have been pivotal in keeping my Mom alive. Their clinical trials are essential in helping to someday find a cure for LMS. Attention needs to be brought to this rare form of cancer so researchers receive the funding necessary to continue their life-saving work.​​

It is time to raise money for imaginative, chancy, out-of-the-box proposals and help the research scientists pursue their innovative ideas. It just may result in a revolutionary treatment that saves the lives of those affected by
leiomyosarcoma​. Please help my Mom and I to raise money for the sarcoma researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.​

We did it! In less than 12 months, Project Sandy Toes and Soggy Dollars not only met our Purple Passion LMS Fundraising Kickoff Plea of $7,245, but we surpassed it by $9,000! I made good on my promise and had my golden locks highlighted with purple streaks. My oldest set of twins, and my Mom's biggest fans, Bella & Farrah, joined in the fun too. We fulfilled our Sandy Toed promise on July 2, 2014, as it would have been my Mom's 69th birthday. 

We would like to thank Jen Cooper of Emily Rose Style Group for helping us to fulfill our Purple Passion Plea Promise. You always treated my Mom with great compassion and respect as she endured the wrath of chemo and the effects that it had on her beautiful locks of hair. She absolutely adored you and Diane. Thank you for everything. Millie was there with us in spirit for sure!


And a big thank you to all of you for helping us to educate and raise awareness and funding for continued leiomyosarcoma research. For without you, we would not have been able to raise nearly $20,000 for Dana-Farber's Leiomyosarcoma Research Scientists. Job well done everyone!



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